What is a dance conservatory ?


Unlike most dance studios in which each teacher may be free to teach whatever they please, dance conservatories follow a set curriculum in the teaching. Curriculums are geared toward the student’s age and level of dance. This allows for uniformity in the level of teaching in each class to ensure that each student in every class is getting the best (most consistent) instruction possible. This prevents any gaps in learning by ensuring that teachers cover the full curriculum in each class so that all students are learning what they need before moving to the next level.

Our ballet curriculum ensures that all students are learning the fundamentals necessary to provide proper technique for safety. This produces the strongest dancers because having a strong foundation in dance is key. Gaps in learning the basics can cause problems in more advanced levels if the student did not have a strong foundation.

Our Acrobatics curriculum (Acrobatic Arts) is world recognized as the standard in AcroDance training. Our students have end of the year examinations by Acrobatic Arts certified examiners to evaluate them to ensure they are receiving the best training possible and that they are at their proper level. PDC owner, Nicole Thate, is an Acrobatic Arts certified instructor.

We offer a safe, friendly, structured environment to foster the love of dancing in students while teaching the skills to excel in dance and in life.